Calculation Transformers Beta 1.0.2

* Application for the Calculation of small Transformers.

Application for the Calculation of small Transformers.

The app calculates the coil ratio for the construction of single-phase transformers.

It uses two methods for calculation.

One on the power i Va, the app returns in addition to the ratio turns, wire section also the type of sheet to use is the thickness of the package.

One according to the size of the spool.

The app calculates the power of the minimum and maximum Va recommended on that type of spool, returning the ratio of turns and wire section




Screenshot_2014-08-10-15-26-48 Screenshot_2014-08-10-15-27-05 Screenshot_2014-08-10-15-27-14 Screenshot_2014-08-10-15-27-43 Screenshot_2014-08-10-15-27-58

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